Critical and Fumble System

Thinking about departing from the standard d20 system for crits and fumbles. Here’s what I’ve got.

20 on an attack roll or save is still a success. If you happen to roll another 20 (or threat), you keep rolling until you don’t succeed. Add up the number of times you rolled and you add that to your multiplier. For Example, a longsword has a threat range of 19-2/x2. So on a crit its 2x damage. If on the confirmation you roll another 19 or 20, the multiplier is up to x3, if you do it again, x4 and so on and so forth. On skill checks, a roll of 20 is not an automatic success, but it does allow you to roll again and add the second roll in. If you keep rolling the 20’s you keep adding up.

A natural 1 is no longer a critical failure. You need to roll a second time and if you roll a 1 again, then you’re into critical failure. A 1 on a skill check is treated as rolling 1, no automatic failure, unless you roll a 1 on the confirmation roll.

I hope this system isn’t too confusing. if it doesn’t work out, we can remove it.

Critical and Fumble System

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