Rules of Corruption

The corruption that spread through the land was part a tool for the demons to make slaves out of any intelligent creature that spent any significant amount of time there, and part because the higher level hellspawn could not move on uncorrupted lands. It was spread by the Bloodpact Orcs while they marched. Their own blood was actually the source of the corruption, so wherever they were cut/killed, the blood spread through the soil corrupting the land. It was a slow process but they’re hellspawn with a gate that leads to where they go when they die, so they have the patience required.

An unprotected intelligent creature must make a fortitude save every day (DC 11) or risk having the seed of corruption planted in them. After this it takes 7 days for the corruption to spread through their body. After the seed is planted, the creature mus succeed on a will save (DC 12) or the corruption spreads. The DC increases by 2 every day. If the creature makes 4 successfull Will saves in a row, the seed is removed and they’re back to a pre-seed condition.

Its unknown why, but small children are immune to the corruption, more than likely an innocence of youth. Because they are constructs, Warforged are immune to corruption.

Once 7 days of will saves are failed, the creature is completely corrupted, altering their alignment to Evil, and will seek out the closest devil or demon in order to serve them.

Rules of Corruption

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