Runesmithing replaces the standard method of magic item creation. Instead of it being a craft magical item process usable only by people who know the certain spell, it all revolves around inscribing runes onto the target of the spell.

In order to make a magical item, the character must roll a Craft (Runesmithing) skill, and reach the appropriate DC. More on this actual process as the skill is developed in game.

All runes require a runesmithing kit in order to be made, which can be purchased. Some runes require very specialized tools which are not included in the basic kit.

When crafting an elemental rune, certain environmental factors are required. For example, if putting a lighting rune onto a sword, there needs to be a lightning storm in order to channel that energy. There is also a %age chance when creating that rune that lightning would strike the sword, vastly enhancing the power of the weapon, depending on the severity of the storm, and the skill check of the runesmith.

Not all runes need be visible to the naked eye. Some can be crafted and only light up under the gaze of a “Detect Magic” spell. The amount of time the runes are focused on influences the amount of time they are visible to the normal eye.

Because of the difficulty in runesmithing, only masterworked items are ever enchanted.


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